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Brief Details
The Opportunity
Describe what you would like to achieve
Phrase this as a question
Identify any key decision makers
Identify any key audience characteristics
Set goals should be simple, measureable, actionable, realistic and targeted (S.M.A.R.T)
Internal/external research or findings
Identify any key performance indicators
State the consideration issue you are tackling, or barrier to overcome
Describe the minimal viable product
Also consider any activities that may not be directly impacting
Any other information that can assist with your request, including any data that you would like linked like Sales History
Suggested Styling
Specific Requirements
Industry (Where you want to limit the data to specific Industries)
Price Group (Where you want to limit the data by Price group)
Retail Category (Where you want to limit the data to specific Retail Categories)
Vehicle Line (Where the customer has purchased a specific vehicle line)
Available data fields (Select the fields you would like to include in the export)
Group data by (Provide data by grouped information e.g. Sales grouped by Vehcile Line will show total sales by each vehicle line)
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